Friday, April 20, 2007


I like the blogspot and the juan because has the beach in dream house. I lake go to the beach with my family


Ithink that it will be exciting spending a day in your dream house dream the Jluzardo, because is big and we can beer drink as you said and listening music that is one of my favorite hobby.

UNIT 9: In this unit; I learned to describe myself, and the wearing people.

Hi, my name's Lorena but everybody calls me Lore. I'm from Venezuela originally. I'm 30 years old and study mass com
I love : dancing reggaeton and salsa. Listen to music, talking on the phone, go shopping, go to beach with my family. I love chocolate. I’m married. I have two children. I have a pretty smile. I have curly red hair, medium height. I m wearing a black t-shirt.
unication at URBE.I live in Maracaibo in Los Haticos.

•I hate :to eat spaghetti, the politic, the injustice, the problems with the neighbor, quarrel my family and friends
•My dreams is: Live a beach of Acapulco Mexico city with my family. I want to graduate from mass comunication school. I also want to learn English and Portuguese language. Id love to work in a international watch TV and enjoy the life with my family

UNIT 10: In this unit, I learned to say my planes and my dreams made.

I’m married. I have two children .
I haven't graduate yet.
I haven't gone a Daddy Yankee concert and Ricky Martin concert yet.
I haven't visit Acapulco, Mexico city yet.
I haven't bought a car for my yet.

UNIT 11: In this unit, I learned to describe places, countries and the customs of the some cities.

•My favorite city is Athens; Athens is the capital of Greece located in the European continent.
•It’s now the Acropolis with the temple called, the Parthenon dedicated to the goddess Athenea, and the sanctuary of Delphos, built for the good Apollo. The religion is orthodox.
•The nightlife is very exciting. The are many discotheques, with electronic music and wonderful beaches. The weather is Mediterranean; warm and cool.
•The tourists go downtown Athens in the
morning, the shopping quiet and relaxing.

UNIT 12: In this unit, I learned the expressions of ache. for example: headache, stomachache an others.

Oh I have a terrible headache!. Then I will take some aspirin. When I'm stressful; I go to the beach the following week-end.
I too feel some insomnia at night.
I wake up, and drink a glass of hot milk.
I, have fever; it's important to see a doctor.